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Martel Slovakia, s.r.o.

MARTEL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. is an electrotechnical company with coverage over all of Slovakia and was based in 2001. Major subject of our work are electroenegertic projects, mostly high voltage 22 kV connections by air or in the ground, transformers 22/0,4 kV on pole, transformers technology, low voltage connections by air or in the ground, house connections, electrical installations, projects and engineering. We now have over 40 skilled workers working on the largest PV power plant in Europe in the French town of Toul with total installed capacity of 144 MW.


Photovoltaic Power Plant Toul FRANCE 144 MW


For your maximal confidence and our flexibility we have opened new branches in Veľkom Krtíši ( MARTEL GEMER s.r.o. ), in Liptovský Mikuláš ( MARTEL LIPTOV s.r.o.) and in Banská Bystrica ( MARTEL Stred s.r.o.).

In our group work 48 highly qualified professionals, who have a lot of experience with technical kind of work.